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Summer Cultural Exchange: Work and Travel USA

Meet your labour needs while providing a unique cultural and work experience for full-time Russian University students.

Work and Travel USA program allows Russian university students the ability to work in the United States on a J1 Work and travel Visa during their main break from school, between May and October. The program is designed to enable American employers the opportunity to expose their business to an international perspective, while offering students from abroad an inside experience in American working invironment.

All Trinity Travel Work and Travel participants are full-time university students from all across Russia. All participants are between ages 18 and 26, and are interviewed by the U.S. Embassy in Moscow.

Trinity Travel is an official agent of the association of language schools Quality English, which encompasses the best language schools around the world and guarantees high quality English language education.

Become a Trinity Travel Work and Travel USA employer

Why Employ Work and Travel USA students?

  • You can fulfill your summer seasonal hiring needs with committed international workers with J-1 visas
  • Students are carefully selected and interviewed by Trinity Travel and the U.S. Embassy in Moscow
  • All our services are FREE for employers
  • Students complete orientation before arriving in the USA so they know the rules of the program and what they should expect

Who are Trinity Travel Work and Travel USA students?

All students apply for the program as currently enrolled university students in Russia. Each student is screened for English proficiency and interviewed about their reasons for enrolling in the program prior to being accepted. Our program participants are qualified and strongly motivated students. They are excited about the possibility of working for you and living in the United States during summer.

The J-1 Visa and the Exchange Visitor Program

Cultural exchange and building cross-cultural friendships serve every important roles in our modern society in improving mutual understanding, as our world gets smaller each and every day.

All Trinity Travel students will arrive in the United States for the Summer Work and Travel USA program with a valid J-1 Visa, which entitles them to a 4 month stay. The J-1 Visa or Exchange Visitor Program was first implemented in 1961 as a part of the Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961. The motivation behind this act was to promote the understanding of other cultures by the people of the United States and likewise the understanding of the American culture by people of other countries through educational and cultural exchanges.

The program’s goal is also to give non-Americans training and experience in the U.S. that they can use to benefit their home countries.

Preferred Positions

Trinity Travel often places students in such positions as waiters, bussers, kitchen crew members, housekeepers, retail associates, amusement and resort parks’ staff.

Where students would stay?

Providing the housing is optional. If you have the facilities to arrange the students housing you indicate it in Job Offer form. If not, you will be asked to provide the lead link with possible housing in the area, which students can organise directly by themselves.

AAG Sponsorship

As a designated sponsor of the Summeer Work and Travel program our partner Alliance Abroad Group:

  • Reviews students’ applications and confirms their English skills
  • Provides government mandated sickness and accident insurance
  • Offers administrative support (orientation before arrival, 24-hours hot line through all stay)

AAG Work and Travel program was established as an educational exchange program recognized by the United States Government. The intent of the program is to give students from around the world, who might otherwise not be able to afford to participate in an exchange program to the United States, the opportunity to experience life in the U.S. during their summer school break. The goals of the program are to facilitate international understanding and appreciation. By allowing international university students the opportunity to visit and experience American life, they are learning about the United States and teaching US citizens about life in their country.

Four easy steps to start:

  • Complete Employment Offer Form
  • Return form to Katya in Moscow: e-mail to, fax to 011 7 495 921 07 46
  • Trinity Travel will select the best candidates for your open positions, send you their resumes and confirm with you the most appropriate candidates. We can also set up the Skype interview with participants so you will be able to talk to them directly.
  • Our program sponsor AAG will contact you directly to confirm positions and students’ names


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