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«Trinity Travel»

As one of the leading Russian education abroad consultants, Trinity Travel specializes in educational programmes for juniors as well as adults.

Key facts about us:

  • We have successfully organised educational programmes abroad since 2004 (1999-2004 as International Travel Club).
  • We are proud of the fact that 60% of our clients have already been on our courses abroad and 20% of them have chosen us on the basis of personal recommendation.
  • Trinity Travel has proved itself as a reliable partner and is the official representative in Russia of more than 500 international schools.
  • Our top priorities are quality service and personal attention to each client. Regular feedback from our clients helps us to improve continuously our work.
  • Our team consists of professional consultants with 10-15 years’ of experience.
  • We provide every client with constant support starting from the first consultation to the return of the client to Russia.
  • Currently our main focus is on junior short-term language courses in the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland and Malta. At the same time we are promoting new destinations for our clients such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Cyprus, Singapore and Turkey. We also provide language courses for adult students (University students, young professionals, executives and seniors).
  • Trinity Travel operates the highly acclaimed programme Summer Work and Travel USA for University students, providing them with the opportunity to work in the American service sector for up to 4 months during their summer holidays.


13, Golikovskiy per.
Moscow, Russia 119017

Tel.: 7 (495) 921-07-42
Fax: 7 (495) 921-07-46

E-mail: smirnov@trinity-travel.ru

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+ 7 (495) 921-07-42 — тел.
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119017, Россия, Москва,
Голиковский переулок. д.13, офис 5
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